Hello Friends!  Team Santé D'Or is at it again this year, participating in Race for the Rescues on Saturday, Nov. 19th, 2022 -- raising money for all of our amazing critters for the TENTH year in a row. We've set an ambitious goal of $75,000, and we need you to help us get there!

If you're here to join our team, great! Just click on the "Join Our Team" button and it'll take you through the simple process. By signing up, you will get your very own fundraising page, where you will be able to help raise funds for SDO yourself, right here online! 

Or maybe you're here to donate to our team. If so, just click the "Support Us" button. To donate to an individual team member, you can click the "Roster" tab on this page, click on the name you want, then on the "Support Me" button. 

However you plan to contribute to our 2022 Race for the Rescues campaign, we thank you thank you thank you! Every little (or large!) bit helps us continue to be able to care for all of our amazing animals at the rescue and in foster. So let's make this happen!

Team Santé D'Or



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