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Team Captain IRON ANIMALS Race For The Rescues 2024

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As many of you know, we are in a full blown animal over population crisis. Cats and dogs are literally being thrown off overpasses, into trash cans, turned away at shelters, and dying next to their babies on the streets. Due to ignorance & inability to afford neutering/spaying, people are letting their animals breed and abandoning them when it gets to be too much for them.

When horrible events happen to humans, we all rally around and do something. But what about our animals? How long will we live our lives, turning a blind eye to what is happening right outside our doors? 

NOW is the time. With your help, this is the year we will bring down the population, save thousands of lives, and help our rescues continue the superhuman work they do. 

PLEASE consider either joining us on Oct 5th at the Rose Bowl or Donating/Sponsoring the Race For The Rescues!