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As many of you know animal and equine welfare is a cause near and dear to my heart. That is why I have created and founded Animal Guardians Horse Rescue, Inc. On Saturday, October 5th, 2024, I will be participating in the 19th annual Race For The Rescues in support of Animal Guardians Horse Rescue, Inc. My personal goal is to raise $1000 in sponsorship for my race. Our Team AGHR rescue goal is to raise $6000.00 to support our horses with special needs. 

This event supports local non-profit animal welfare organizations like ours that annually save the lives of thousands of dogs, cats, and horses, rabbits, farm animals and guinea pigs, too!

Together we have the power to help save animals lives! Please consider making a tax deductible donation towards my race. No amount is too small and will go towards saving animals from euthanasia and finding them forever homes, providing the community with important programs like shelter intervention, free and low cost spay/neuter and assistance with vet bills to low income families. 

If you donate to my race page in support of AGHR, you will receive a tax deductible receipt from The Rescue Train, and they will tally all donations and send our rescue a check at the end of the race after October 5. If you, or a corporate sponsor you know, would like to sponsor our "chip-in" fee, please contact me directly at: By doing that, our Equine Sanctuary organization will take home 100% of our donations raised (minus the entry fees of anyone who races). We need all of the support we can get. 

Last year, we participated in this race for the first time. We began Team AGHR with only 7 people fundraising, each with a goal of raising $300 (6 people each donating $50). As the months went on, we ended up with 15 people on Team AGHR fundraising for us. We raised just over $3000 after the "chip-in" event fees of 25% of our proceeds were paid. This was a great accomplishment for AGHR. This year, we strive to raise DOUBLE that amount! What does that mean?

We need to build a team of at least 10 Team AGHR Racers (fundraisers), who each reach out to at least 1 to 3 sponsors, to donate towards each of them. In order to meet our goal of raising $6000 (after event fees are paid), we need to have at least 10 people each raising $700. Or think of it this way; 20 people raising $350 each; or 40 people raising $125 each. The more people we have raising funds, the easier and quicker we will meet our goal.

This is a super fun-draiser and you can actually participate in the race in many different ways!
1.) Go to the Pasadena Rose Bow and walk / run with or without your dog a 5K race. Win awards and prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and more!
2.) Do a virtual run / walk anywhere by yourself, with friends, with your dog, with your horse, ride your horse, hike, anything outdoors for 1K or more sometime on the day of the event. Get your medal and race tshirt mailed to your home!
3.) Do a "couch potato" event - just watch the event on TV, and stay home and love on your pets, after donating an entry fee. Still get your Racer medal and Race tshirt mailed to your home!
Instead of just paying your entry fee, which goes to the Race Event, gather a Team of Sponsors to Donate to You! All of those donations come to AGHR, minus the 25% event participation fees paid by the rescue at the end.

You can also help by gathering others who will help fundraise for AGHR. No penny is forgotten. And all donations go to the Horses, Minis, Ponies, and Hooved Animals of AGHR! Your donations are made to the Race, and the Race pays Animal Guardians Horse Rescue your Donations at the end. It's so simple and such a wonderful cause! Please help me in this amazing event!

Go to the FAQ page on the Race website for questions. 

Thank you for helping the Equine Angels of Animal Guardians Horse Rescue with this year's Race For The Rescues 2024!

Hugs From The Horses,

Deborah Greene-Dellvon, Executive Director / Founder
Animal Guardians Horse Rescue, Inc.

Thank you for your compassion.

Always Grateful!