Last year, I did R4R with a new goal in mind.  To dedicate my run to Michele.  She had just been diagnosed with cancer and I was so inspired by her strength.  Hence the birth of our #MicheleStrong campaign.   She’s a vital part of K9Spirit Rescue Org. and without her really the spirit just isn’t the same.  She’s battled cancer for almost two years now and been through it all- I mean chemo, radiation, surgeries, setbacks after setbacks  and endless hospitalizations.  Through it all she’s still managed to foster dogs, take dogs to and from vet appointments, adoptions events etc.   Now that’s what I call a warrior.  When she’s not taking care of dogs, she’s taking care of us.  All of us.  Always going out of her way for everyone.   

This year, we’re  back with a vengeance 💪🏼 If nothing, not even cancer stops Michele...well what the heck are we all doing?! Our team goal this year is $25,000.  And my personal goal is $5,000.  Yes, we are reaching for the stars.  And me personally, I don’t know how I’ll pull this off but I have faith that people will see just how important this work is to me and our team.  

There are many good rescues out there.  However, I know what sets K9SPIRIT apart.   It would be nice if we had the time and resources to make those sad videos of our “saves”.   Maybe it will earn us more fans.  But quite frankly, it’s not even really Stacy (our founder’s) style nor anyone from this team.   It’s just save, save, save a life day in and out.  No need for accolades, just rescue and repeat.   So please allow me to share just a few of our special rescues this year.  

  1. There’s Raine - shelter told us she was hopeless and dying.  If nothing else, K9SPIRIT was going to give her a dignified death, not on a cold shelter table.  We took her in and took a great big risk on her. $5,500 great.   We raised the money and got her a much needed special balloon for her heart.   It was months of special care and now she’s living her best life with her very own family.   
  2. Ciara - our New Year’s Eve baby.  Left at a parking by the devil himself.  Shivering and dying.  He had to have known she was sick and therefore dumped her.   She too needed heart surgery but she had a blood disorder disaster that sure complicated things and had us scrambling to find almost $6,000 to save her life.  We did.  She will be getting another follow up soon and will hopefully be ready for her heart surgery.    
  3. Lily - left in the backyard by backyard breeders that moved away.  Yup the same backyard breeders that provide you with those cute $1,500 puppies at the mall at the expense of overbred, cancer ridden, tortured mommas that later get turned in to the shelters as a “stray”.    And guess who ends up saving them mamas too? Us.   Rescues.  K9Spirit.
  4. Eli -  sweet Eli.   Severely neglected Eli.  Exactly how many years of neglect, pain and suffering do you think does 33 rotten teeth take? Did i mention skin disease? I can not imagine.  
  5. Bamboo - another save for the sake of a dignified death.  He had very little fur left.  Shelter said he was dying.   He’s now 16 yrs old and K9Spirit’s very own Benjamin Button.   He’s still waiting for his forever home.   
  6. Last but not the least, McKenna -  when OC shelter moved locations, they had to shut down for a couple of days.  On their very last day at the old location, they were no longer taking incoming dogs nor were they adopting out.  But there was one last tiny old dog left in the kennels.  Sweet McKenna shaking non stop all by herself in that now empty shelter.   Guess who was there to take the last one out? Yup.   K9Spirit.

These are just a few stories that keep us determined to keep this rescue going.  Please help us.  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and what gives us the monetary cushion we need to be able to keep rescuing the ones that we do.  As you can see,  they’re not cheap.  They are the ones that we feel people let down the most.  But we can’t.  And we won’t.  Rescue isn’t easy.  Rescue never stops.   Even on the hardest days, we keep going.  And we keep going because we are #MicheleStrong.


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