$12,500 is a ridiculous amount of money to raise.  I know that.  And is never easy to ask for money, but I promise you I am asking for a good reason.  

I am asking you to support Lane.  I love all of the wonderful and weird animals at Sante D'Or, but Lane has a special place in my heart. Born with congenital glaucoma, her eyes never worked, she is good example of what makes Sante D'Or special.  Whenever one of our animals needs something our team works together to make it happen.  

She need to see an eye care specialist?  Great!  She was already on file with them from when she was a kitten.  They recommended surgery?  We made that happen!  She wanted to live in the back room?  We made space for her!  She wanted a bed on the exam table?  Done.  Plus one under the desk for variety sake.  She wanted a lap to sit on?  I needed to work on emails anyway.  

Now Lane herself does not need the $12,500, but all her friends do. Margarine Beer needs a dental.  Mia needs to see a cardiologist.  Marilyn Maryland needs help paying for her fungal medication.  Irma needs a leg amputation.  Dusty G is looking for an eye enucleation.  And each and every one of our animals need vaccines, testing, fixing and microchips.  And all of that adds up.  

Here is where you step in.  Donate.  Give us money.  Help us help those who need us.  

Like Lane.  Who likes sitting on laps and loves crunchy treats.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation towards my race. No amount is too small and will go towards saving animals like Lane.

Thank you for your compassion.  And your donation!

Always Grateful!