Join team betterTogether Forever at Race For The Rescues this year and help us raise funds for our programs that help keeps pets happy and and healthy and with the owners who love them. By joining our team you will get your very own personal fundraising page and be able to raise funds for this cause online. And by donating you will keep pets in their homes and out of the animal shelter. 

betterTogether is a brand new organization born from the merger of Home Dog LA and Bark Avenue Foundation. Because we both have a common goal to help the underserved communities of Los Angeles, because we both seek ways to prevent more pets from going into animal shelters, from being born on the streets, and from being separated from their families, we decided to merge and form betterTogether Forever

betterTogether Forever is present at the North Central Shelter to offer assistance with vet care, pet food and supplies, free spay/neuter services, vaccines, landlord issues, fence repair, owner redemption fee aid, and in severe cases, humane euthanasia. We help provide access to veterinarian care to those that are low income and are housing vulnerable hosting wellness clinics once a month at the Weingart YMCA in East Los Angeles and we deliver food and supplies to LA Family Housing and PATH and have a pet food pantry for those in need. As betterTogether Forever we will be even more capable of offering resources and creating partnerships that will ultimately help more people and more pets.

And you can help by joining or team or donating to our cause! Together we have the power to save animals lives and we can reach our goal!



Team Members