Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue

Race For The Rescues 2019

Founded in 2008, Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue (SCTR) is an all volunteer run, registered and fully industry accredited 501(c)(3) charity with a mission to rescue Thoroughbred horses bred and raised for racing, from slaughter, neglect and abuse.

The work we do in rehabilitation, re-training and re-homing our rescued Thoroughbreds is driven by the philosophy that all of them - whether they ever raced, whether they raced competitively or not, whether they were successful or not in the breeding shed, and no matter what their condition when we rescue them - they are "Still Winners".  

Since SCTR was founded we have assisted hundreds of Thoroughbreds at auction either by taking them in to SCTR, or by intermediating their rescue by other non-profits or private parties.  

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