Corgis at play at the QBSDR Ranch.

If you're like most people we meet, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Now how could anyone possibly give up a cute, fluffy butt corgi?" The sad truth is that is happens more often than you'd think! The two most frequent reasons are: 1) Medical Issues (DM, IVDD, cancer) and 2) Behaviorial Issues (Barking, Biting, Herding Children). We here at Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue specialize in rescuing special needs corgis from California's high kill shelters and those needing to be rehomed. We put great emphasis on rehabilitating our doggos medically and managing their behaviors through training, while getting to know their needs and quirks in order to find them the right furever home. And in those special cases where, due to various reasons, we aren't able to find the right home, we take in what we call "Sanctuary Dogs" to give them a stable, safe home at our QBSDR Ranch to live their best life for the rest of their days.

Of course, we wouldn't be able to do all of this great work without your help! Please join our team at Race For The Rescues and help us raise funds to help save the lives of dogs, cats and horses! By joining our team, you will get your very own personal fundraising page. With this page, you will be able to raise funds for this cause online! Together we have the power to save animals lives and continue our mission of saving low-riders one bark at a time!

With much love and gratitude,

The QBSDR Stumpy Squad


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