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Race For The Rescues 2018 - IRVINE

K9 Spirit Organization is a dog rescue dedicated to helping dogs get out of high kill shelters and finding them forever homes. We are located in Orange County, California and focus on rescuing small dogs and herding breeds. Although we love dogs of all breeds, we have chosen to specifically rescue these types of dogs because that is what most of our fosters are able to take care of.

K9 Spirit Organization is nearing it’s 5thyear of animal rescuing. 2017 was certainly another spectacular year of rescue and adoption success, with just under 100 rescues and adoptions, many of these rescues being medical case dogs, and most were either on death row, or shelter bound owner surrenders.  2018 is also shaping up to be a great year with some really hard to place dogs finding wonderful homes! Our Success is attributed to an experienced and dedicated team of volunteers, donors, fosters, and animal lovers who go above and beyond for the sake of these animals.We are so grateful to have year round financial support from near and far, so we can do what we do, which is responsibly rescue dogs in need.

2018 started out with a bang... a New Years dog dumped in a shopping cart thought to be an easy situation turned into a $10,000 dog that is just now cleared to have HEART SURGERY to save her! Seems like we are doing a heart surgery each year! Last year was Raine's heart surgery!

As you know already, K9 Spirit Organization rescues mostly shelter euthanasia list leftovers.  The misunderstood, the medical mysteries, the sick, & sometimes even the dying are our specialty. Of course, we can’t forget the seniors that have been discarded by their lifelong homes for the various laundry list of reasons, some reasons are forever unknown, or shortly discovered with medical testing.  These seniors are often forever fostered in our care and loved until the end.

With this special variety of rescues comes an animal that has usually been medically neglected and needs basic health care. At the very least an exam and a dental cleaning (and usually extractions if they are over 6).While dental health is one of the most important things that someone can provide for their dog’s all over al health, it’s often not done for years, resulting in a major expense to us when we rescue them. Seniors and sick dogs receive bloodwork and the tests that are needed to properly diagnose their condition. The range sweeps wide, from an inexpensive skin scrape, to a neurological consult and an MRI.  We are always mentally ready for either, but we are often left wondering how we will finance necessary tests that our rescue dogs have needed for a long time, but only now are actually receiving.
Surprises are our most common financial hurdles. Epilepsy, multiple knee surgeries, tumors, allergies, neurological issues, broken jaws, and heart defects are all challenges we faced in 2017 and again in 2018.  Adoption donations simply do not begin to cover the investment we put into each one of our rescued dogs. One after another our wonderful supporters pull thru for us with every medical surprise and emergency.  We are eternally grateful for each one of you.

Last year we fulfilled our commitment to some of our seniors and long time medicals and said good-bye to a handful of forever fosters, Romeo, Sparkie, Marshmallow, and Chico, as well as a handful of new rescues that just couldn’t beat their illnesses regardless of the heroics provided.  2018 has been a bit less of a sad year.  On the flip side we smile at our major special needs placements. Gabby (Neurological), Charlee (Blind senior), Katniss (Blind and deaf senior), Frejya (lung cancer), Pookie (Seizures),  Twix (Neurological), and Babe (epileptic) all found loving homes with families that accept them as is and work with their needs.  This year we have placed a few special personality dogs... Cookie, Daisy and Katie to name a few. A person for every dog and a dog for every person!

Hendricks (our first diabetic dog) was added to our roster in August of 2017 and is such a great dog. He is presently looking for his forever family. He's an easy diabetic, his foster mom has done such a great job getting his diabetes under control.

Because K9 Spirit is an all-volunteer nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, we rely solely on donations from our supporters. We need your help to continue to care for our dogs awaiting adoption and to rescue the dogs that need to be rescued to save their life.Any help you can provide to cover the cost of our expenses would be so greatly appreciated! In turn, with these donations, we can save dogs and place them in loving forever homes.

K9 Spirit Organization is a small breed rescue, taking in dogs generally under 20 pounds of all ages and medical conditions. All donations are used for expenses related to taking care of our rescued dogs and are tax deductible. No one is paid, we are all volunteers.

Please support us! We won't let you down!

No Regrets, Just Rescue!


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