As you are all aware, this past year has been a very challenging one.  Not only for us humans battling the pandemic, but so many animals have been displaced due to their humans losing their homes or just not able to provide for them any longer.  It is very distressing as they have no idea why their life has suddenly changed for the worse.  Why their person has brought them to an animal shelter, where they smell fear and are SO frightened. 

We have actually been very successful with our adoptions this year and have found wonderful homes for cats that had been with us for a long time.  Cats that wanted to live in a home with no other cats were able to finally have their dream realized.  So we have been able to help many, many cats this past year.  We could not do this without the proceeds from this Race fundraiser!  It provides us the opportunity to vet all the animals we rescue and provide them with everything they need prior to going to their new forever home.  We  provide dentals to all of our cats that need them and anything else they might need.  We don't just rescue them and pass them along as is.  We want them to be in the best health possible.

So, this is why this Race is so very important to us.  It helps us save lives.  So please know that your donation is going to help us to save many more.

We appreciate each and every donation, no matter the amount.

Thank you for your compassion.

Always Grateful!

Sharon Clark - Founder/Director of the Cat Posse