Hi. We are Ernie’s Angels, part of the Race for the Rescues team Santé D’Or, and we’re raising money for all of the amazing animals at our rescue. We are a group of junior volunteers who help clean, feed and love the animals at Santé D’Or. Five years ago we fielded our first Race for the Rescue team. A donor was so impressed that young volunteers were involved that she offered to match every dollar we raised for the race in honor of her dear cat Ernie—and that’s when Ernie’s Angels was born. Last year, with that donor’s amazing matches, we raised $12,000. In fact, over the years our team has raised more than $35,000!

This year we need to be more creative. Our biggest fundraiser for the Ernie’s Angels team has typically been our bake sale, but with the quarantine this might not be possible in 2020. In the meantime we are reaching out to our prior supporters with the hope you will donate to our cause.

Remember, every dollar you donate is matched! Thank you so much for your generosity. 

Benjie Schaefer
Ernie’s Angels captain