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Sharon Clark

Team Captain TEAM CAT POSSE Race For The Rescues 2020

The Cat Posse’s mission is to rescue and rehabilitate unwanted and abused cats in Southern California and to educate communities about the importance of spaying and neutering their cats. We believe that all animals deserve dignity and kindness, and we work toward the day when all public shelters will have a “no kill” policy. 

The Cat Posse is entirely operated and driven by a group of dedicated volunteers who rescue, rehabilitate, foster and adopt out cats. We are currently caring for 200 cats, and 110 of these cats are up for adoption. Approximately 50% of the cats in our care are ten years or older, and many have special needs.

We have cats with thyroid, dental, eye and intestinal diseases; cats who need fluids on a regular basis, cats who have respiratory problems, cancer, and cats who periodically need surgeries for a variety of reasons. Our experience has shown that many of our cats, due to age, special needs, or temperament, will most likely not be adopted. These cats will remain with us, receiving loving care, for the rest of their lives.

There is no question that our greatest expense is for veterinary care. Fortunately, we work with a wonderful vet who gives us a discount, but as our cats age, the vet bills will continue to increase. 

“Being in the cat rescue “business” requires a lot of work, a lot of energy, and a lot of money. It can be incredibly heartbreaking at times. But, at the end of each day, when the catteries are clean, the cats are fed, and the kitties are waiting for their nightly pets, rubs, and scratches, it is very clear to all of us that this is the absolute right thing to be doing.”

The Cat Posse is volunteer-driven. No one on staff gets paid; therefore we have no administrative expenses. Your contribution will go directly to the care of our cats. In the spirit of the holiday season, please help us give our furry friends the best care possible by providing healthy, nutritious food; clean and safe shelter; health care; and a loving, joyful environment. 

No gift is too small, and every contribution makes a difference. We deeply appreciate your compassion, commitment, and support.

Gratefully yours,

Sharon Clark