QUESTION:  What is Race For The Rescues?

ANSWER: Race For The Rescues is a day when animal lovers of all ages run, walk, or adopt - to help save the lives of homeless dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and farm animals in Southern California. This is a fundraiser where 100% of the net proceeds go to local animal welfare organizations. This race is a timed sporting event and we have a mixture of serious athletes competing for times and people who just want to come out and walk, with or without their dog, to help support the benefiting organizations.  

QUESTION:  When is the event?

ANSWER: Race For The Rescues will be October 5th, 2024. 

QUESTION:  What time does the event start?

ANSWER: Registration opens at 7:30AM & race start time is 8:30AM.

QUESTION:  How long is the race?

ANSWER: The race is a 5K (3.1 miles). 

QUESTION:  What is included in my registration fee?

ANSWER: All Pre-registered participants are guaranteed an official Race For The Rescues finisher's medal and shirt.

QUESTION:  Do I have to raise pledges?

ANSWER: This event is a non-profit fundraiser.  Now more than ever we encourage everyone to raise pledges because this is how we are going to raise the most funds for the animals in need. However, it is not mandatory. 

QUESTION:  Will there be awards?

ANSWER: Yes, top runners will receive awards and top fundraisers will win prizes!

QUESTION:  Where does the pledge money go?

ANSWER: All the money raised will go to help the homeless dogs, cats, horses and farm animals of Southern California. By joining your favorite benefitting 501(c)3, nonprofit team (found on the "Who Benefits" page on the race site) your  pledges will be ear marked for that particular organization. General donations go to the hosting nonprofit, The Rescue Train. 

QUESTION:  Where do I turn in my pledge money?

ANSWER: We are so grateful that you have fundraised to help animals! We encourage you to use the website. Offline donations are checks or cash. If you received an offline donation in the form of a check please make sure it is made out to RACE FOR THE RESCUES. Offline donations can be mailed to us prior to race day at Race For The Rescues, 13027 Victory Blvd. #522 North Hollywood, CA 91606. Donations are tax deductible and our tax ID # is 46-5194776.

QUESTION:  Is this also a dog and cat adoption day?

ANSWER: There will be no on-site adoptions at this particular Race, but most of the benefitting partners have animals up for adoption and we encourage those looking to adopt to check these groups out! 


QUESTION:  Can I race with my dog?

ANSWER: Yes, you can but it’s not a requirement. When you register you will see the option for 5K with dog, and if you want to race with your dog, you MUST use that registration. Please make sure your dog is social in large groups of people and other animals, spayed/neuteredon a secure leash at all times and you clean up after your petWe DO NOT ALLOW retractable leashes. We have a strict "always on leash" policy due to permits. Kindly make sure your animal is in shape to do a 5K. New environments and crowds can be stressful to some animals so please take that into consideration.

QUESTION:  Why does my dog need to be spayed or neutered to attend Race For The Rescues?

ANSWER: This is a fundraising event for non-profit, no-kill animal welfare organizations. Our biggest goal is to end pet overpopulation. We don't allow dogs to attend the race that are not spayed or neutered. We don't want any dog fights to arise because a female is in heat or a male dog is overly dominant. If you need facts about the benefits of spay or neuter, please visit The Rescue Train’s "Why Spay/Neuter" page at If you have an unaltered animal and need resources for free or low cost spay/neuter resources feel free to email us at

Please note: Event location and time is subject to change without notice.